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Key Programming


Need a Key Programmed?


We have an expert team to provide you with a professional key programming service.  All cars now come compulsorily fitted with an Immobilizer system from the year 1995 so theirs a good chance your car will have one too. The Immobilizer System is a generally small transponder chip held in the plastic head of the key or remote. When you turn the key in the ignition there is a antenna around the lock that picks up the transponder in the key this will sent a signal to the ECU or Immobilizer ECU box in the vehicle when the correct code is read this will then allow the car to start.


  • No need for recovery to take your vehicle to a garage, we come to you.


  • Saving you time and money.


  • We use all up to date equipment to cut and re program a new set of keys. (Please note;- We do not program keys from ebay, they must be either supplied by ourselves or from a main dealership. this will save us both time and money is the keys are incorrect or faulty)


  • We offer reasonable prices with no hidden costs and can program most makes  and models of cars, vans and lorries (see list below)


  • Our Locksmith Services are available 7 days a week. 24 Hours of the day.


  • ALA Approved


Manufacturers Covered

  • Alfa Romeo – Audi – Bentley – BMW – Chevrolet – Chrysler – Citroen – Dacia – Daewoo – Daf – Daihatsu – Datsun – Dodge – Fiat – Ford – Honda – Hyundai – Infiniti – Isuzu – Iveco – Jaguar – Jeep – Kia – Land Rover – LDV – Lexus – MAN – Maserati – Mazda – Mercedes – MG – Mini – Mitsubishi – Nissan – Opel –  Peugeot – Porsche – Proton – Renault – Rover – Saab – Seat – Skoda – Smart – Ssangyong – Subaru – Suzuki – Toyota – Vauxhall – Volkswagon – Volvo

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