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High Security Slam Locks & Handles

Slam Locks and Handles

Need a security upgrade?

We supply and fit Slam Locks and Handles to all vans to provide a high level of security. The locks are designed to automatically lock when your door is shut. Perfect for delivery drivers or workers that are in and out the van a lot. The handles and locks are made of a high quality stainless steel and are a great visual deterrent. The handles are designed to replace your existing plastic door handles keeping with the manufacturers design. (Handles are only made for specific models) The Slam Lock can be fitted separately to the handle although we advise both together to maximize the security. Call for more info.



  • This is an great upgrade to any van.


  • We can supply and fit for most manufacturers.


  • We come out to you to fit the locks and handles, for added convenience.


  • We offer reasonable prices with no hidden costs


  • ALA Approved

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